Ethanol tabletop fireplaces are a wonderful decoration, bringing charm and warmth everywhere you are. The light and small form make them easily portable and safe to use both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy hours of natural fire without any limitations.

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decorative flames on your table

Simple Commerce Petit Commerce
Decorative accessories Glass cylinder Glass cylinder
Casing materials Stainless steel Painted steel
Tank capacity 1,5 L 1,5 L
Burning time 3,5 h 3,5 h
Dimensions in inches [ØxH] 113/4x161/2 10x131/2
Price $ 390* $ 350*
* In individual countries, prices may vary due to transport, storage, service or individual pricing policy. Price do not include local TAX and shipping price.
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No matter if you are planning a garden party or a lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee, the small tabletop fireplace will add a touch of elegance to the event and make leisure time more enjoyable. Ethanol fireplaces can be easily arranged on a table top instead of traditional candles. The burner utilizes the Commerce technology - its inside is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres to keep the Fanola® fuel contained and prevent leaking and spilling even when pushed over.

glass cylinder
elegant wind protection
commerce burner
with highly absorbent ceramic fibres
compact base
stylish look

Focal point for your garden

pleasurable outdoor living

When the evening comes, the small things can turn into strong accents. In the dark, tabletop fires will create vibrant lighting and a cosy atmosphere. Planika fireplaces are nearly maintenance-free, allowing you to fully enjoy the time of relaxation.