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Upcoming cold season inspired Planika’s specialists for new ideas in order to provide unique, luxurious and user friendly products.

outdoor tabletop fireplace
Small tabletop fireplace on terrace

Because small things make the difference, Planika expanded Petit Commerce is another example of bio fireplace which can be used both inside and out. Outdoor collection with mini bio fireplace named Petit Commerce.It weighs only 3 kg so it can be transported whenever you want. An additional advantage of new product is extended burning time up to 7 hours, thanks to which consumers can enjoy the warm glow and friendly appearance of a real flame without hassle, ash, smoke or smell. Petit Commerce has been designed as an ideal decoration solution for commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, hotels and SPA salons.

Leading features of Petit Commerce:

· Planika’s first small bio fireplace
· Perfect solution for indoor / outdoor spaces
· Freestanding bio fireplace for HoReCa
· Fully portable
· No risk of leaks

Doesn’t matter if you choose Tondo Commerce, Petit Commerce or any other product from Outdoor collection, each of them is completely safe thanks to Commerce burner which is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres. They keep the fuel inside the burner to prevent leaks in case the device is knocked over. Also, the Fanola fuel recommended for Planika’s bio fireplaces is completely smokeless, non-toxic and odourless.

Let the cold season begin!