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8 Top Outdoor Design Trends for 2018

Your dream outdoor space with corten and concrete fireplaces

Spring is the best time to remodel and transform your garden into something really extraordinary. Check out our 8 top outdoor trends of 2018 and find your way to blur the lines between inside and outside. Here’s a little inspiration

Corten fireplace
Galio Corten, Private residence

1. Corten Outdoor Fireplace

Garden & Patio fireplaces come in many types and sizes. But a corten steel outdoor fireplace is a particularly special asset to each outdoor space. Characteristic features of corten steel fireplaces are its orange-brown rusty colour on one side and its long service life on the other. The more you use it, the more beautiful it becomes!
Planika offers 2 corten outdoor fireplaces at the moment – Gustav Commerce, our portable bioethanol fireplace and Galio Corten, gas outdoor fireplace. These kind of garden fireplaces are pretty indestructible and will offer you many evenings of pleasure as you sit around them with a glass of wine.

Corten Fire Pit
Galio Fire Pit Corten, Private Residence
Contemporary corten fireplace for outdoor
Gustav, Private waterside villa, Spain


2. Wooden Flooring

Have you ever dreamt of a wooden floor on your patio or balcony? Nothing stands on the way! Timber flooring is a product of nature and it is known for its strength. In addition to aesthetic qualities, the wooden flooring also has many functional advantages. It is warm to the touch, thanks to which stepping on it with bare feet becomes more comfortable. Trend of wooden flooring for outdoor spaces is becoming more and more popular nowadays. They fit perfectly in both modern and contemporary architecture as well as in traditional constructions. It would also be worth adding decorative element to them, such as outdoor fireplace, around which you can create a unique arrangement of the terrace in your chosen style.

portable fireplace for outdoor space
Faro, Tondo and Simple bio fireplaces, Private Residence, Poland


3. Carefully Seleceted Furniture

pring and summer are the seasons during which our home social life moves into the garden. There is nothing better than an afternoon relaxing or barbecuing outdoors, in the sunshine and in the beautiful circumstances of nature. However, to be able to enjoy such conditions, you need to have a wise and well-decorated garden. Today, garden-worthy furniture is carefully designed in many different forms. Their design is boldly based on interior furniture. Thanks to this, the outdoor space becomes a natural extension of the house and provides the same comfort and elegance.

indoor tabletop fireplace
Simple tabletop bio fireplace, Private Residence, Poland
gas fire pit insert
Galio Fire Pit Insert, Private waterside residence


4. Concrete Finishing

In the past, concrete was associated only with grey austerity and was used mainly for the construction of simple walls and paths. Nowadays, it is a material eagerly used to build various outdoor elements - from paths to furniture and garden decoration. Concrete definitely has many advantages. First of all, it is durable and resistant to weather conditions. It does not get dirty and It is not slippery after rain. Planika also offers a beautiful outdoor ornament in the form of a biofireplace made of high quality concrete, stainless steel and tempered glass. Jar commerce is perfect element of finishing your outdoor comfort zone.

modern outdoor ethanol fireplace
Jar freestanding fireplace, Private Apartment, Paris, France
outdoor portable fireplace
Totem portable fireplace by Planika, Commercial space, Portugal


5. Succulents and cacti

The succulent garden trend became a real obsession. Why? The little desert plants are hard to kill and are available in a huge variety of colors and sizes. This combination is ideal for anyone who loves nature, wants to use the plant in an unusual way and does not want to spend a lot of time keeping the garden alive. The main assumption of this trend is to plant succulents in an unexpected way - on a wall in a vertical planter, in mini pots focused on a bar trolley or in bold combinations of colours.

modern outdoor ethanol fireplace
Jar, outdoor ethanol fireplace, Commercial space


6. Colorful Fabrics

Not so long ago, green plastic army chairs were about everything that was available to equip your patio or sheltered veranda. Fortunately, times have changed and the textile industry has made remarkable improvements. Nowadays, your outer sofa or garden loungers can be covered with a material that is as soft and stunning as the fabric in your dining room windows or living room armchairs. From linen to velvet, new sumptuous outdoor textiles can hang out on the patio all summer, even in the rain. The choice of colours, patterns and textures of the fabrics will inspire your passion for stylish outdoor decoration.

7. Strip LED Lighting

Light is extremely important in the architectural design of the house, both inside and outside. It is in the latter case that lighting is the key thing, especially after dark. It plays not only practical but also decorative roles, impressing visitors and passers-by. Beautiful garden & terrace lighting is generally fun, and also ensures safety. Additionally, with outdoor strip lighting you can illuminate outdoor space individually, exactly the way you want!

modern outdoor ethanol fireplace
Jar, a freestanding fireplace by Planika, Commercial outdoor space
outdoor gas fireplace inserts
Galio Insert, O Asiático Restaurant, Lisbon, Portugal


8. Natural Stones

The natural stone in the garden has always been considered very practical and easy to maintain. Times have changed a bit and now such solution fits into the most fashionable and interesting trends in garden design. Not only it ideally suits to space in the spirit of minimalism, but it also helps to maintain a home park. In addition, the garden with the stone elements is elegant and timeless, and this natural building material will work in many, sometimes quite different styles. Why not to add a touch of warm ambience to your patio and connect natural stones with natural flames? An outdoor bio ethanol fire bowl Tondo Commerce by Planika is a perfect solution for adding some glow to any outdoor space!

Outdoor Fire Pit
Tondo Commerce, Toruń, Hotel Copernicus, Poland