A freestanding bio fireplace
Real fire in minutes


PrimeBox is a revolutionary freestanding bio fireplace suitable for all kinds of spaces, as it does not require any assembly or installation. For the maximum convenience of use, the fireplace can be operated with the intuitive control panel or a handheld remote.

PrimeBox is a freestanding ethanol fireplace without any hard connections. Due to the patented BEV Technology™, no smoke, smell or ash are produced during the burning process. It is the ideal solution for apartments and spaces where installation of traditional fireplaces is not possible.

Available in silky matte white or black color, PrimeBox is a great addition to any interior design.

PrimeBox has been successfully tested and certified by OMNI laboratories in accordance with the UL Standards.


technical data


fanola® fuel

Achieve wonderful natural golden flames with the highest quality bioethanol fuel.

Planika is the exclusive manufacturer of the Fanola® fuel. Only natural components of plant origin are used in its production.
While burning no smoke, soot or ash is emitted and its impact on the natural environment is neutral.

Cleanest burning process

No smoke or unpleasant smell during burning process.
The only by-products of the burning are: heat, water vapor and insignificant amount of CO2.

EcoFuel Safety Certificate

The certificate indicates that Fanola has undergone rigorous scientific testing to prove its compliance with the European Union environmental standards.

Charming natural flame

Enjoy the magical atmosphere created by flickering amber flames without bluish and artificial reflections.

Longest burning time

The specially developed fuel formula allows to achieve the longest possible burning time.

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The specially developed fuel formula allows to achieve the longest possible burning time.
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Only proven high quality fuel can guarantee proper operation of the fireplaces. Make sure you are doing everything to protect your device from damage.

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