the most advanced technology

BEV Technology™ (Burning Ethanol Vapours)

Our way to becoming the world’s leader in the bio fireplace industry

Over the years our group of experienced engineers has been developing the leading-edge technology that would bring fire design to a completely new level and revolutionize the fireplace industry. And the effort paid off! For the benefit of our customers, the applied technology required the fireplace to be fully automated. An advanced microprocessor monitors and controls the fireplace, ensuring proper and safe functioning of the device. The fireplace construction allowed to significantly reduce the burning surface and provide more oxygen to the fire, resulting in a very clean and efficient combustion process without any unwanted by-products, such as smoke, unpleasant smell, soot or ash. The feature eliminates the need of any additional extraction systems to be connected to the fireplace.

  1. Main fuel tank with fuel level sensors
  2. Automatic fuel feeding system
  3. Microprocessor
  4. Ethanol vapours generator
  5. Combustion area



The technology and structure of the fireplace were developed in such a way so as to provide an always even and continuous flame. No disruptions in the fire line are acceptable.
To provide the highest level of safety and comfort, the fireplace is equipped with multiple safety sensors. This helps to effectively detect any irregularities in the operation of the device. This specific design makes it possible to stop the burning process in case of any errors that may appear in the fireplace operation. With our technology you have a fully controlled, safe, clean and beautiful fire without chimney or any other hard connections.

seismic activity sensor
Child lock
sleep timer
fuel filler cap lock
tilt sensor
3 temperature sensors
device lock
4 spillage sensors
Fuel level sensor
2 overfill sensors
CO2 sensor

atented fuel pump

Automatic Refill System

By creating the Automatic Refill System, we want to make refuelling easy and efficient, eliminating any problems connected with the human error. The specially designed pump communicates with the device, delivering the necessary amount of the bioethanol. This way, the risk of overfilling of the tank and fuel spillage has been effectively eliminated.

pump motor
rubber pump
power cable
bioethanol fuel bottle



Planika products have successfully passed extensive quality and safety tests carried out by the world’s leading certification institutes. Thanks to the applied solution the temperature of the fuel and the entire device can be fully controlled. The feature protects the fireplace and gives you maximum safety.