The Only Traditional Styled, Fully-Auto, Bio Ethanol Fireplace.
For all American Homes.

Sold as a ready-to-use unit, this traditional bio-ethanol fireplace does not require any fixed connections or chimney allowing huge flexibility in placement – all you need is an electric socket. As a result, any additional costs are eliminated, making Lincoln one of our most affordable fireplaces ever!

Thanks to its design, installation is as simple as unboxing and plugging in with no qualified installer or maintenance required. Due to our advance technology re-fuelling is very easy, safe and automatic with a full tank giving you up to 22 hours of non-stop usage with a clean and controlled flame. Monitored at all times by our advanced micro-chips and safety sensors.

Real flames at the push of a button are now available safely where previously seemed impossible, even in New York High risers and Californian Condo’s where regulations are at their highest.

Planika’s Lincoln now delivers you the only possible way to have safe, real fire in your home.


Technical data

  • Capacity: 2,64 gal
  • Burning time: 17 - 22 h
  • Heat output: 8600 - 10512 BTU/h
  • Net weight: 165 lbs
  • Air circulation: min. 1/h
  • Minimum room size: please contact our Project Department for details
  • Power supply: 115 V


  • Fireplace building finish: MDF lacquered polyurethane RAL 9003
  • Steel elements finish: stenotherm lacquer-UHT 600 mat similar to RAL 7015


  • X: 41 13/16"
  • Y: 15 3/8"
  • Z: 41 5/16"

Recomended fuel

Fanola Premium -
more info