Faro Commerce
Real flames’ beauty in a modern outdoor ethanol fireplace.
Free standingand easily portable fireplace.
Our portable outdoor ethanol fireplace Faro is a perfect solution for commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels and SPA’s.
Thanks to this modern fireplace, both outdoor and indoor designs can be easily enrichened with warmth and a pinch of luxury. Adjust the color to your interior-it can be either black or white to perfectly match your elegant space.

Faro Commerce

Technical data

  • Capacity: 0,79 gal
  • Burning time: 6 - 10* h
  • Heat output: 8547 BTU
  • Net weight: 26 lbs


  • Burner: stainless steel
  • Casing: black polyethylene / white polyethylene


  • Ø: 20 1/2 "
  • Y: 49 3/4"

Recomended fuel

Fanola Premium -
more info